A day with Transit Venus

To start off our new Rare Individuals Series, we spent a day with good friends of the brand Kyle Aubrey and Lily Marcovich. They are a loveable, groovy couple who as well as being stylish skaters and talented creatives individually, combine to make up the flavoursome music duo Transit Venus. They spend their free days hanging out, skating and playing a plethora of different instruments together in their aesthetically pleasing Gold Coast home.

 Spending time with these two is so easy. They have a relaxed and fun approach to the world, welcoming us with open arms and gratitude to spend the whole day together. We immediately feel like we were with family and were peppered with laughs and giggles all day long as we bounce between skateparks, coffee shops, film labs and their beautifully curated, incense-hazed music studio.

As the day goes on, we couldn't help but settle into a warm, mesmerised state of observation watching the pair interact with each other far beyond the spoken word. It felt like finally finding the place where pure love likes to go on holidays. Which had us begging the question, when love and creativity like that exists in the world, what else do you need? 

As our time together wound down, the speakers, amps and instruments kept turning up, these two lovers were just getting into the juicy part of their day. We were lucky enough to hear a handful of floaty, ambient originals they made up on the spot. Kyle and Lily laughed it off with little lines like, "Ha, That was a cool one" and instantly dismissed the thought of remembering them. We couldn't help but linger on the thought of how many hundreds of amazing originals the walls of their home had heard that never made it to a recording. One things for sure, they certainly didn't mind, so long as they enjoyed the process together.

Keep an eye on upcoming gigs and Spotify releases from these two rare individuals. Transit Venus is the type of up and coming magic you don't want to miss out on.

Check them out on Spotify and Instagram:
Instagram: Transit.venus 
Spotify: Transit Venus