Asymmetrical Edge Log

 "Asymmetry is the rhythmic expression of functional design." - Jan Tschichold

A Trippers Addiction

Asymmetry isn’t a new concept to surfboard design. It’s a functional theory that’s been around surfing for decades, often being retired to the shaping bays of eccentric substance enthusiasts, and unconventional dreamers with an imagination for design improvement.


The Inner Relm crew have been toying with an Asymmetrical surfboard addiction for a while now, with our wild ideas being made possible by the skilled and patient hands of Jarryd Watson from Oceanstreet Shapes. We thought it was time we shared a peek into the minds behind the brands and an insight into the latest experiment we are frothing on.


Whatever your current relationship to asymmetry is, we hope this short journal will help encourage community interest in the experimentation of surfboard design or even just spark some imagination when considering your next board.



Subconscious symmetry?

 Our brains are hardwired to find symmetry appealing. Symmetry provides a sense of balance and familiarity that is easier for our brains to process. Symmetrical objects just feel more relaxing. But where is the line between subconscious visual favouritism and logical thinking?


Take the basic example of two couches; the first is a slim, simple, minimalistic shaped couch and the second is a big multi-panel, puffy, sink-in type couch. Even though you know those thin cushions on the minimal couch would never compare in comfort to the fluffy monstrosity of foam, you are naturally attracted to the elegance of the simple outlines. Did your subconscious just favour visual preference over functionality?


Now apply that to a surfboard. Are you naturally attracted to the outline of a clean shaped symmetrical log with  pretty paint job rather than some lop sided thing that makes your brain hurt? Of course. But what if the asym log could take your specific parameters like your stance, local wave setup, style and hone in on your personal preferences to improve functionality? What if it could give you feelings in the water no board ever has before? What was it about the old board you could change to make it better? Now you’re thinking..



Inner Relm x OceanStreet Shapes - Asymmetrical Edge Log

 The Inner Relm x Oceanstreet Asymmetrical Edge Log was designed for a natural footer on the long, reeling right hand points of the Gold Coast. It features an offset single fin, and an asymmetrical Greenough inspired edge to the rails.


The offset single fin sits closer to the toe side making it hold better through fast, sucky sections and allows maximum stability when nose riding.


When engaged on the heel side, it allows loose direction changes with minimal effort, allowing radical turns with closer feet placement, an intentional style enhancement.


The edge rail was incorporated to provide a narrower planning surface resulting in less drag and more speed when trimming. These knifey rails also allow progressive turns to be gouged with all that speed. In simple, we wanted a fast, wild turning board that still nose rides well. And we got just that. 



Core Beliefs

 This board represents the Inner Relm core belief that the expression of creative ideas and individualityis a positive thing that should be encouraged. This was a personalised custom board that has been tailored to the specific needs of the individuals designing it, not a plea for mass production. Let this board inspire you to experiment, test and refine your own magic formula and help push the boundaries of board design in our community. Don’t be afraid to do something different!