Inner Relm Wetsuits & Surfwear's purpose is to bring you a line of quality surf wear that oozes style and enhances your experience in the water. We want you to look and feel the best you can.

We take our time to meticulously test all of our designs to make sure you have a comfortable, practical suit that makes you look and feel like a hot-dang water lord.

Individuality. Style. Fun. That’s what drives the Inner Relm family. We don't care how many fins you do (or don't) have. We don't care how old your board is. Surfing is our medicine and if your out there spreading good vibes, we're on the same wavelength.

Inner Relm is those summer sessions with your friends. It’s making mates in the lineup. Inner Relm is Highlines and Hang Ten’s. It’s riding boards that generate maximum stoke levels. Inner Relm is a community of self caring individuals that advocate the letting go of ego and competitive aggressiveness to just enjoy the process of riding waves. It’s surfing waves that don’t have an online surf cam. It's taking different lines to everyone else. Inner Relm is about having fun!