Inner Relm was born through the kiss of two lovers in 2017. What started as a creative experiment infusing vintage style with advanced wetsuit technologies, Inner Relm has grown into an energetic community of free thinkers and unique movers all around the world. It is an explosion of fun, creativity, individuality and style.

Our purpose is to bring you a line of quality ocean and beach wear that oozes style and enhances your experience in the water. We want you to look and feel the best you can, however you choose to spend your days.

We take our time to meticulously test all of our designs to make sure you have a comfortable, practical suit that makes you look and feel like a hot-dang water lord.

We don't care what type of board you ride or how many fins you do (or don't) have. We don't care how old your board is. Surfing is our medicine and if you're out there spreading good energy, we're on the same wavelength.

The name Inner Relm refers to the realm within you, the part of you that believes surfing is a spiritual expression of the soul. It encompasses all the positive traits of love and happiness and aims at letting go of ego and competitive aggressiveness to just enjoy the soul nourishing action of riding waves and having fun. But in case we lost you there, watch the video below and decide for yourself!