Anna Jalasti

Born and raised in Finland, Anna spent much of her youth as a promising half pipe Snowboarder. She came to Australia for a holiday, fell in love and the rest is history. Trading in the snowboard for a longboard, Anna is often seen surfing at absurdly early hours of the morning and late at night squeezing in every minute of daylight logging with a radiant smile and effortless grace. Also, a talented fashion designer, creativity and style runs through every fibre of this ladies soul in and out of the water. It is a true pleasure having her part of the family since day one!



Jack Medland

The sheriff of the West - Jack operates with an unassuming aura of fine style, lightly combed with the magnetic enigma of a Wild West cowboy. Not only a stylish surfer of any craft you throw at him, he is also the talented shaper behind Moonshine Surfboards, the company spearheading the alternative shapes movement in Western Australia. When you have a knowledgable and talented surfer like Jack behind the planer, it's easy to see why so many people are getting on the Moonshine Surfboards wagon.



Blair McDonald

It isn't too much to imagine B-Mac could have been a professional jazz dancer in a different time. The way he uniquely coordinates his movements on a surfboard is mesmerisingly rhythmic, as if he choreographs every moment to a master symphony playing within his mind. He accentuates his criminally smooth style with regular offerings of absolute flair and creativity. Not surprisingly, he carries this easy-to-watch approach on land too as a freelance brand & digital design manager. For an example of his style on land, look no further than the design of this very website, which, can be credited to his eye for absolute detail and finesse.




Matt Sorrensen

It is impossible to have a conversation with Matty without feeling good inside. His glowing smile and personality lights up the world around him like a match to a spliff. He has no trouble massaging the eyeballs of onlookers with his prowess on a surfboard either. Nestled deep within the Northern Rivers community, Matt is a conscious character who emerges from his off-grid lifestyle to perform wizardry in the water, the only footprint he leaves around him is generous crumbs of good energy everywhere he's been.



Calin Jones

Calin has been close friends with the brand since its early days and he is often the mastermind and king trigger finger behind many of our most beautiful images. An aesthetic stylist and trend lord in his own right, there's no wonder why Calin is often given first access to our gear before it becomes available to everyone else. Often found skating, shooting film, or jazzing up some op shop finds, he's the creative lord you listen to when he tells you what's hot and what's not.