Mini Sliders in the Bay

Sometimes, the universe aligns perfectly for you as if everything was all designed for this moment. We aren't talking about a once in a decade lunar event, we are talking about when ya pick up a waterproof DadCam for $50 at the pawn shop and there just so happens to be fun log waves the same week. Now that is universal alignment! We spent an arvo sliding some mini waves with Anna Jalasti. Peep below to see what fun we had!

We bumped into local friend K-dawg who was on land shooting at the time. He snapped a few of Anna:



Even Sambo the filmer snagged a couple in between taking videos, DadCam on pause and in mouth like some kind of glitchy, prehistoric, teeth-chattering GoPro device:



A fun day had by all. Just another day in the Bay!
Land shots taken by @kdawg_0423