The Lava Lamp Log

After enjoying the fruits of a successful asymmetrical edge log experiment a couple years back, we found ourselves back at the drawing board with master craftsman Jarryd Watson from Ocean Street Shapes to iterate yet another version of the experimental longboard.

This time we both decided on a symmetrical outline and maintained the offset fin. Unlike many asymmetrical fin setups in shorter boards, this theory does not follow the 'built for a natural footer' or 'built for a goofy footer' design but rather it has been designed to be built for the wave i.e a right-hander or a left-hander. This means if you live near a point break or a beachie that breaks predominantly the same way for the duration of a surf, you can be natural or goofy footer and ride the same board.

Our version of the theory goes, the fin sits closer to the wave so provides more hold through fast steep sections. Along with some adjustments to the rocker only Jarryd could explain, it has proved to be a fun board. So far, we cannot fault the thing, providing lovely nose rides through critical sections, swooping bottom turns and flowable cutbacks. It certainly ticks all the boxes for us. We are sure you'll see more footage feature on our page in the near future!

Many thanks go to Jarryd for his patience and openness to peculiar ideas and of course his masterful skill building boards. Jarryd wears the long sleeve Bonfire hemp tee while shaping.

Words, photos and edit by Sam Lopert.